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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Lazy Turtle Butt

Now that the nice weather is coming back, it's time to outfit Marty with some new soakers. I really enjoy making them and one of my favorite patterns is the Turtle Butt . It's well written and fun to make. I've posted lots of pictures in earlier posts. The only drawback when you use two colors is having to weave in a million ends, not that I really mind, because the finished product is always so darn cute. Still, I started thinking about what would happen if I just used a self-striping yarn for the whole thing. I knew it would have a nice texture and I was right. Here's the first one:

I used Poems by Wisom Yarns that I picked up in the warehouse at Webs. It was cheap and I had heard it was similar to Kureyon, only softer. Personally, I didn't see the comparison. The colors in the Poems are muted and it didn't make me think of the Noro at all. It also is lightly spun and I discovered that if I pulled too hard, the yarn came apart. It's 100% wool, but it looks like there is mohair in it. I'm also a little disappointed in the color. When it was in the skein, it really looked red, but knitted up it's just a step away from rose. Still, I don't think Marty will complain. He hasn't yet. ;o)

So if one try was good, why not do another? This time I wanted to use the Lion Wool that I had in my stash. The colors were pretty nice, even if the colors didn't stripe. I think it came out pretty neat and I love the texture.

I've never used this yarn before either. I was pleasantly surprised. It's soft and has some heft to it. This might end up being a good night time soaker. Now, I just have to lanolize them and see what happens then. I hope I won't be in for any unexpected surprises!

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mle said...

they're beautiful, gma! (thanks!)

now we'll have to get together again soon. :)