Updated patterns!

I'm in the process of updating my old patterns, particularly the bibs, to include charts. I'm rewriting some of the directions to make the patterns even easier and including alternative methods for beginning the bibs and for making the ties. Look for these patterns in the sidebar to see which ones have been added. It's a slow process, but eventually, they'll all be there!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dog Gone Cute!

I was checking out some of the projects that knitters have done using my patterns the other day and I came across this adorable puppy dog blanket:
It was made by Momika21 on Ravelry and here's a link to her project page.  Monica gave me permission to share the blanket with all of you as I thought it was such a clever idea.  Wouldn't this be a great baby gift paired with a dog themed book?  Goodness knows there are enough out there to choose from!  Obviously, the puppy dog pattern is mine, but here's a link to the free dog bone pattern, in case any of you would like it: Doggone Washcloth. Thank you Monika for sharing such a sweet project!

Have a happy and safe New Year!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Harry and Pals

Christmas sure is coming in a hurry.  I'm still feverishly working on a couple of presents that I had no business even attempting, but still I couldn't resist.  I can't share any pictures yet, but I thought I would share a little project that I made for my oldest grandson, Jack.  He just turned ten and for awhile now, his dad has been reading the Harry Potter books to him, and his brothers, every evening before bed.  Jack is just smitten with the series so when I saw this pattern, I knew I had to make them for him.
The pattern was only up on Ravelry for a hot minute and then the designer pulled it out of concern for copyright issues.  The yarn called for was a dk weight, but I knitted them out of fingering yarn.  My intention was for them to be Christmas ornaments.
The actual knitting was pretty easy, but the finishing and the details were quite time consuming.
I think the trickiest part of the whole project were the ties!  Trying to twist the yarn and secure them properly was a challenge.
I love the little eyelashes on Hermoine! I added the wands and made them by coloring toothpicks with a sharpie! Since they're just ornaments, I wasn't too concerned about any safety issues!
The designer is a lovely person and gave me permission to post my pictures, but you have to understand that the pattern is no longer available and I'm not able to share it due to copyright restrictions. Still, I thought you'd enjoy seeing them.  Jack was just thrilled and we have a video of him opening them up.  His joy made all the work worthwhile!  My son tells me that now I need to make all the other characters too.  Funny, but I don't feel obligated in the least to do that! lol!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and get all your projects done in time!  Speaking of which, where did I leave that knitting bag. . . .

Friday, December 13, 2013

Merry Christmoose!

Don't you just love the holidays?  Remember when you were a kid and all you had to worry about was what Santa would bring.  Remember how the time just seemed to drag on and on until Christmas day?  What I wouldn't give to have those days back!  Time is flying by and I don't know when I've been so ill prepared for a holiday!

I decided this year that I would knit a "few" gifts, so although I've been busy, I can't share any of my projects in case a member of my family decides to take a peek at this blog.  It's been so long since I posted however, that I'll be surprised if anyone is peeking!  In case you are, here is a little Christmas moose, a gift for all of my friends!
I knit this fella in Christmas Green.  What else? Unless it was red like the companion cloth:
Usually, red is really hard to photograph, but I think this picture came out pretty well.  The pdf links for the patterns are in the sidebar, or you can click here for the bib and here for the cloth.
I hope you've all been good this year and Santa treats you well!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hospital Hats

I have been very neglectful about posting, so I thought I'd just share some pictures with you of what I've been up to lately.  We have a small hospital here in town and I was chatting with one of the maternity nurses and casually inquired if they ever had a use for baby hats.  I didn't dream of the response.  As it turns out, they just love them but the wonderful knitter who use to make them stopped and has since passed away.  I volunteered to knit a "few" to see if they'd like them.

Most of these are just my own design, like the hat with the bow.  I actually was trying to think of something to knit for a baby girl and I literally had a dream about that one!  Fortunately, I remembered how I knit it when I woke up so I could create it!
I love this little purple hat.  The flower is just an I-cord.  These are all the same basic hat and I just change them according to my whim.  They don't take much time at all and are quite addictive!
I came up with the idea for the little car hat and then was appalled that someone else had one almost identical for sale on Ravelry!  Yikes!  It's just uncanny how similar the two patterns really are. My car was patterned after my Beetle that I drove and loved for years!

Some of the hats are from free patterns that I found on Ravelry, like this little rosebud hat.
Here's a link to the free pattern as well as some other really cute ones! Baby Hats  I modified it by making both the rosebud and the leaf slightly smaller.  These are for newborns after all!  I used Plymouth Yarns "Jeannee" for all of the hats.  It's a cotton acrylic blend that can be machine washed and dried.  All of these hats were fresh out of the dryer!

Another really cute hat is this pumpkin hat found here.  I've knit this one a number of times for the Fall babies and didn't change it at all except that I knit the ribbed version and alternated one row of k7, p1 with one row of knit.  It makes these cute little bumps that stand out a little bit more.
For the Fall baby boys, I knit some football hats.  I looked at all the ones on Ravelry, but I didn't see exactly what I wanted, so I came up with my own version.  (My grandson, Jack, lent me his mini football pennants for the picture!)
These were a huge hit with all the men in my house.  Even my husband, who never pays attention to anything that I knit, said that he thought they were really cute.  He's not a big football fan so he thinks I should work on a baseball hat for the Spring!

So far, I've knit and delivered about 26 hats to the hospital.  Next up, I've got to start thinking about Christmas and Winter babies.  Maybe some stocking caps?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mickey's Cat

Today is my birthday and so, as I have for the past several years, I'm posting another pattern as my gift to all of you.  This is a very special design for me to offer as I didn't draw it.  My eight year old grandson, Mickey, drew it.  I was visiting him and he was showing me some pictures that he had taken with his camera.  One of them was a picture of this great cat that he had drawn.  He couldn't remember what he had done with the actual drawing, but he did have a picture of it!  I thought it would make a great bib or cloth and so I attempted to recreate it here.  I love it and I hope that you will too!
The borders are slightly narrower than most of my cloths, but I wanted to keep the width the same number of stitches that I usually use.  I needed the "extra" blank rows to accommodate the whiskers!
I have to say that Mickey was quite pleased with the results and so am I, but mostly because I know that it's his design.  I did have to tweak it a bit to make it fit within the number of stitches that I had and I admit that I was tempted to change it a bit, but it was important to me to keep it as close to the original as I could, so I resisted!
The cloth is knitted in Peaches & Creme in Army Tan and the bib is done in Light Green.  You can grab the pdf files from the sidebar.  I hope that if you knit either one that you post your pictures on Ravelry so Mickey can see his cats in a variety of colors!
Mickey tells me that he thinks he'd like to be a cartoonist when he grows up.  Or a basketball player.  Did I mention that he's tall?  Oh to be young again and have choices!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

To the Bat Cave

I've been trying to post for several days now and for some reason, Blogger wouldn't let me upload any of the links to my pdf files.  So frustrating, especially since Halloween is fast approaching and I wanted to get these patterns up!

I haven't done a Halloween bib/cloth in a couple of years, mostly because I just hate the holiday.  I didn't like it when I was a kid and I still don't like it.  My sister, on the other hand, just loves it.  Her house is decorated from top to bottom, including the bathroom.  She has so many Halloween themed items of clothing, that she'd have to change her clothes every ten minutes to wear them all!  One of her favorites are bats.  I don't know why, but I thought maybe I'd try coming up with one.  I started with one idea and then another popped into my head.  I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I just did both!

This one is called:  "It's a Bat, Man!".  The bib is done in Peaches & Creme in Gold, and the cloth is Silver Gray.
I didn't want to knit it in black, as you'd never see the design!
The second pattern is called:  "A Little Batty" and is done in Sunburst.
Again, I knit the cloth in Silver Gray.
So there you have it. Maybe you know of a little goblin who'd like a new bib!  You can grab the pdf files from the sidebar under updated bibs and updated cloths.  
Happy Halloween. . . . or not!  ;o)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Convocation

Did you know that a group of eagles is called a "convocation"?  Me neither, but it seems that's the accepted term.  I thought you'd like to know it, in case you decide to make more than one of my newest design:
I thought it was appropriate to post this now since it's a national holiday here in the USA.  Maybe not quite as appropriate as it would be say for the 4th of July, but I didn't want to wait that long to introduce him. Or them.
This fellow is a direct result of a request from my good pal, Tunie, who now lives in Australia.  We were discussing how much both of our husbands like eagles and she told me that I should design one in my "spare" time.  In any event, I took it on as a challenge and I was surprised at how quickly it came to me.
Now, normally I would also have a matching pattern for a bib, but you'll notice that I didn't do one this time. I thought this guy looked a little stern and I don't usually associate eagles with babies, so I decided to skip it. However, if you want to make a bib, it would be really easy to just swap out the pattern with one of my bib patterns that have 37 stitches.  Probably eighty percent of my patterns use the same stitch and row count so it wouldn't be difficult.
I call the pattern "The Eagle has Landed" and you can grab the pdf file from the sidebar or by clicking here.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Another Blankie!

Look what arrived in my message box this morning on Ravelry.
A picture of a beautiful blanket that Yola (who lives in England), knitted.  Isn't it adorable?  I love the way she made her borders.  Yola uses Woolgathering1 as her Ravelry name and here's a direct link to the project page.  She tells me that she knitted each square individually and then sewed them together with a blanket stitch.  I think she did a beautiful job and I was delighted when she said I could share it with all of you. Thanks Yola!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Crazy Socks

I have such an addiction to knitting socks.  I can't even remember the last time that I didn't have at least one pair on some needles.  There's always a pair waiting for me to grab on my way out the door if I know I'm going to have an extended wait or even if there's the remotest chance I might have one!  I love to knit them in the car, at the doctor's, you name it.  I don't post a lot of pictures of them as I don't want to bore you with them.  I can hear the comments now, "oh great, another pair of socks!".  That said, every once and awhile I come across a sock project that I just love.  This is the case with the latest pair I finished for grandson, Micah.
This yarn actually began with a sock blank dyed by one of my most favorite independent dyers, Jennifer Porter of Marigoldjen Hand Dyed Yarns.  If you've never visited her Etsy shop before, you should definitely check it out.  You'll be in for a real treat.  Anyway, here's some before pictures, courtesy of Jenny.

She named the colorway:  "Crazy Go Round".  I had bought a sock blank quite a few years ago and was disappointed in how stiff it was. The yarn wasn't the best quality either, however, I knew that if Jenny was dying blanks, it would be a whole other story and I was right. This yarn is so soft and is wonderful to knit. At first, I was going to attempt knitting two socks at a time, but the instructions that I had called for short row heels.  I'm not a fan of that type of heel at all and so I decided to knit them one at a time. I rarely have second sock syndrome, so I wasn't concerned about finishing them.
I didn't it find it difficult to separate the yarns.  I did a little at a time and wound each ball as I went along. When it came time to start knitting, I made careful notes so I'd remember when I started.  (Now that I'm getting older, I seem to need notes for everything!).
The pattern is one my favorites.  It's called "Purl Bumps by Kathleen Taylor.  It's one of the patterns in her Big Book of Socks.  I love this book.  I even bought it in the digital format so I can have easy access to the patterns and can print them out.  I wanted a pattern that didn't detract from the yarn itself.  Three rows are straight knitting and the fourth has an easy stitch pattern.
I knit these in record time as I could barely put them down.  It was so much fun waiting to see what the next color combination was going to be! I kept saying "I'm only going to knit one more row" which inevitably turned into ten more rows! I have enough left to knit another pair of socks for Babe Ruth.  Those will be interesting as she has really small feet!  In the meantime, I bought a second blank.
This one is called "Rainbow Bright" and I can't wait to see what these socks will end up looking like!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beyond Puerperium

I managed to finish up my gift for the baby shower.  (You remember, the shower for the gal I don't know and probably will never meet!)  I ended up knitting this little number.
It's called:  Beyond Puerperium .  There's a free version also that's just called Puerperium.  The free pattern is knitted with DK weight but, of course, I had to use fingering!  I probably could have figured it out on my own, but I honestly didn't feel like doing all the math and so I ended up just buying the pattern.  I think it was a good decision as there are directions for different weights of yarn and lots of sizes. It's a cute sweater so I know I'll use it again (only with heavier yarn!).

I used Knitpicks Felici in Rainbow and US size 4 needles.  They were a little larger than I would normally use with this yarn, but they worked.  I tend to knit a lot tighter than suggested needle sizes and almost always have to move up a needle size.
Even with the "larger" needles, it still seemed to take forever to knit it.  I wasn't paying as close attention as I should have been though and I was blindly following the pattern.  When I laid it out, I realized that it was about 3 inches longer than it needed to be!!  For some reason, the designer likes really long sweaters.  I ripped it back and I'm much happier with the result.  I do wish that I had placed the buttons a little closer together, even though I dislike sewing on buttons!

This yarn is so soft, but I hate that there are all these flecks of darker colors sprinkled throughout the yarn.  If you look closely at the green on the top of the sleeve you can see what I mean.  They also show up in the yellow, and the orange . . .
From a distance, it doesn't look too bad, but up close it really bugs me.  They're so random that it almost looks like I spilled something.  Why then would I choose to use this yarn?  Well, it's because I had already knit a hat and booties out of the same yarn for another baby gift that I never got around to delivering!
Long time readers of this blog will remember that I knit these booties once before when I found out we were going to be grandparents again.  The pattern and details are here.  The hat is just a simple little beanie with a double I-cord knot on top.

To finish it all off, I included a copy of Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  A classic if ever there was one. My grandkids loved it and hopefully, this baby will too!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Beginning and The End. . .

The very first “picture” bib that I ever made was the Teddy Bear.  
At the time, I was pretty happy with it.  It was totally my design and I knit it for my soon-to-be-born grandson.  Of course, this led to the dinosaur bib and many (many) more patterns to follow.  As time moved on however, I like to think that my designs improved.  I tried to give my “pets” some personality.  Let’s face it.  Teddy has no personality.  He also needed some serious updating.  My early attempts at pattern writing were not the best!  Since I decided on the bear theme for the baby shower, I thought this would be a good opportunity to tackle Teddy.  I didn't want to change him too much since he’s the bear that started it all!
You’ll notice that he’s a little slimmer.  I eliminated one row, right down the middle.  I wanted to make him the same size as the majority of my patterns.  I know that many of you like to mix and match the designs, so I try to keep that in mind.  The pattern for the bib has also been updated with the short rows and now includes a chart!  The cloth pattern also has a chart.
After I had knit Teddy, I was working on the Rhonda’s Delight bib and I kept looking at Teddy.  I started wondering what would happen if I knit him all in seed stitch.  It would produce a whole different texture, and might be a good alternative. 
What do you think?  I call him Seedy Teddy.  It’s basically the same pattern as original Teddy.  I was going to combine the two into one pattern, but I personally don’t like having to flip back and forth through directions, so in the end, I decided it was just as easy to post him as a separate design.
So there’s the beginning of my designs, Teddy still doesn't have much personality, but he is what he is.

This now brings me to the end of my designs.  I couldn't resist knitting up one more bear.  This fellow I refer to as The Head Bear. 
I patterned him after the baby sweater design I used for the little cardigan.  He's just a larger and happier version!  
This brings the number of my bear designs up to four, five if we include Seedy.  There’s Teddy, This Bear’s Repeating  and Ted E. Bear.  This fellow, however, is the head bear and might just be my favorite.
So there you have it.  The beginning of my designs and the last.  Well, the last for now!  The pdf files are in the sidebar, or you can just click on the links below: