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I'm in the process of updating my old patterns, particularly the bibs, to include charts. I'm rewriting some of the directions to make the patterns even easier and including alternative methods for beginning the bibs and for making the ties. Look for these patterns in the sidebar to see which ones have been added. It's a slow process, but eventually, they'll all be there!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Heartbeat Cloth

It's taken me awhile, but I've finally written up the companion cloth to my Heartbeat Bib.  I know a lot of you have asked for it and with Valentine's Day right around the corner, this seems like a good time to post it.  It's a really simple knit and goes pretty quickly.  I don't know why I didn't do a cloth when I did the bib, because it's a very sweet cloth. Don't you think?

I used Peaches & Creme in Abby Rose.  This is the first time that I've ever used that color and it sure is vibrant, but in a good way!  Speaking of Peaches & Creme, I'm just devastated over their closing.  As most of you know, this is pretty much the only cotton yarn that I use.  I've tried to stock up on cones of most of the solid colors, but there is a limit to my budget!  I would have liked to have ordered three of every color!  I don't know what I'll use when my present supply runs out, but I'm hoping that when that times comes, I'll be too feeble to even hold a knitting needle!  They were always such a great supporter of the Dishcloth Calendar and Flo, their outstanding employee, is a sweetheart.  It's so sad to lose such a great company, not to mention all those poor employees who will be out of a job.  As I said, I'm just devastated.  Perhaps the new company will continue to produce the same yarn, but I don't hold out much hope.  On that final note, here's the pattern, but remember that I also have it my sidebar as a pdf file.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Heartbeat Cloth
Copyright 2010; 2011 by Elaine Fitzpatrick. Permission is granted to make and sell items from this pattern provided that credit is given to me as the designer.  Permission is not granted to reproduce the actual pattern, or post it, or distribute it, without my express permission.  Please respect my copyright and play nice!

Size:  approximately 8" X 8 ¼ ".
Materials:  One skein of worsted weight cotton in a solid color.  The cloth pictured was done in Peaches & Crème in Abby Rose.
Needles:  U.S. Size 5/3.75 mm or 6/4.0 mm  Because this is a “picture” cloth, you want your fabric to be fairly dense so the design will pop out.  If you are a loose knitter, then you might want to drop down a needle size.
Gauge:  4.5 sts. per inch, not critical. 
k = knit
p = purl
sts. = stitches

Pattern:  Cast on 37 sts. 
Rows 1 – 9:  k1, p1 across row.
Row 10:  (wrong side) (k1, p1) x8; k1; p3; k1; (p1, k1) x8.
Row 11:   (k1, p1) x8; k5; (p1, k1) x8.
Row 12:  (k1, p1) x7; k1; p7; k1; (p1, k1) x7.
Row 13:  (k1, p1) x7; k4; p1; k4; (p1, k1) x7.
Row 14:  (k1, p1) x6; k1; p4; k1, p1; k1; p4; k1; (p1, k1) x6.
Row 15:  (k1, p1) x6; k4; p1; k3; p1; k4; (p1, k1) x6.
Row 16:  (k1, p1) x5; k1; p4; k1; p5; k1; p4; k1; (p1, k1) x5.
Row 17:  (k1, p1) x5; k4; p1; k7; p1; k4; (p1, k1) x5.
Row 18:  (k1, p1) x4; k1; (p4, k1) x4; (p1, k1) x4.
Row 19:  (k1, p1) x4; k4; p1; k11; p1; k4; (p1, k1) x4.
Row 20:  (k1, p1) x3;  k1; p4; k1; p5; k3; p5; k1; p4; k1; (p1, k1) x3.
Row 21:  (k1, p1) x3; k4; p1; k15; p1; k4; (p1, k1) x3.
Row 22:   (k1, p1) x2; k1; p4; k1; p6; k5; p6; k1, p4; k1; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 23:   (k1, p1) x2; k4; p1; k19; p1; k4; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 24:   (k1, p1) x2; k1; p2; k1; p7; k7; p7; k1; p2; k1; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 25:   (k1, p1) x2; k29; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 26:   (k1, p1) x2; k1; p2; k1; p6; k9; p6; k1; p2; k1; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 27:  (k1, p1) x2; k29; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 28:   (k1, p1) x2; k1; p2; k1; p5; k11; p5; k1; p2; k1; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 29:  (k1, p1) x2; k29; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 30:   (k1, p1) x2; k1; p2; k1; p4; k13; p4; k1; p2; k1; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 31:  (k1, p1) x2; k29; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 32:   (k1, p1) x2; k1; p2; k1; p3; k15; p3; k1; p2; k1; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 33:  (k1, p1) x2; k29; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 34:   (k1, p1) x2; k1; p2; k1; p2; k17; (p2, k1) x2; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 35:  (k1, p1) x2; k29; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 36:   (k1, p1) x2; k1; p2; k1; p2; k17; (p2, k1) x2; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 37:  (k1, p1) x2; k29; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 38:   (k1, p1) x2; k1; p2; k1; p3; k7; p1; k7; p3; k1; p2; k1; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 39:  (k1, p1) x2; k29; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 40:   (k1, p1) x2; k1; p2; k1; p4; k5; p3; k5; p4; k1; p2; k1; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 41:  (k1, p1) x2; k29; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 42:   (k1, p1) x2; k1; p2; k1; (p5, k3) x2; p5; k1; p2; k1; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 43:  (k1, p1) x2; k4; p1; k19; p1; k4; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 44:   (k1, p1) x2; k1; p4; k1; p17; k1; p4; k1; (p1, k1) x2.
Row 45:  (k1, p1) x3; k4; (p1, k7) x2; p1; k4; (p1, k1) x3.
Row 46:  (k1, p1) x3; k1; p4; k1; p5; k1; p1; k1; p5; k1; p4; k1; (p1, k1) x3.
Row 47:  (k1, p1) x4; k4; p5; k3; p5; k4; (p1, k1) x4.
Row 48:   (k1, p1) x4; k1; p9; k1; p9; k1; (p1, k1) x4.
Row 49:  (k1, p1) x5; k7; p1; k1; p1; k7; (p1, k1) x5.
Rows 50 and 51:  (k1, p1) x5; k1; p5; k1; (p1, k1) x2; p5; k1; (p1, k1) x5.
Rows 52 – 58:  k1, p1 across row.
Bind off in k1, p1, and weave in ends.


carol said...

I love it! Thanks for all the wonderful patterns you provide. Your talents are much appreciated.
Happpy Valentine's Day!

Jewells said...

I came across your site a few days ago and now have you listed as one of my favourites...what wonderful cloths you make.. will certainly be knitting NEARLY all of them as gifts, as I am in lots of swaps...cheers!

Unknown said...

Ilove all the pictures and patterns that you post Findining your sight was a very lucky day for me. Made heart throb last night it turned out so cute. Thanh you so much Kate

oylenshpeegul said...

Great timing! I had already started a valentine's cloth for my sweetie when I saw your blog. But when I finished that one, I wasn't entirely pleased with it, so it was nice to have another try! I knew I would have enough time.

Tiny typo: I think row 46 should end with "x3" (it's six stitches, but that's only three repeats, right?).

Also, did you mean to include bind off instructions, like at the end of Polar Bears?

Thanks for another terrific pattern!

Nataliya said...

Thank you for all of your patterns. I made over 10 of your bibs, they are so cute. I knitted a heartbeat cloth for my son's teacher even though she deserves a knitted cashmere blanket. Thank you again for making these wonderful patterns available for us, knitters.

Anonymous said...

You can order Peaches and Cream yarn directly from the factory in North Carolina. I do it all the time and am very happy with everything I have gotten from them.
The site is www.elmorepisgah.com

Blogs said...

This is the correct link for Peaches & Cream:



Jackie said...

I'm working on a Valentine "Trilogy" and this is a great addition. Unfortunately, I am having trouble printing the pattern - it starts with the comments and then prints half of the pattern from row 27 down. Can't get rows 1 - 26 though. Never had this problem before. Any tips?!


Kay said...

Im new to knitting and going to try this pattern- I completed rows 1-9 with no problem, however, I"m stuck on how to proceed with row 10. Can you simplify for this newbie? Thank you!!!

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