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I'm in the process of updating my old patterns, particularly the bibs, to include charts. I'm rewriting some of the directions to make the patterns even easier and including alternative methods for beginning the bibs and for making the ties. Look for these patterns in the sidebar to see which ones have been added. It's a slow process, but eventually, they'll all be there!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Something's Fishy Bib

Apparently, this bib has some major errors.  I've marked the changes in red.  I'm knitting it up again and will post the pattern as a pdf.  I'll also include a chart!  If you downloaded this pattern before March 26, 2011, you'll need to note the corrections.

You asked for it so here it is in a slightly different version. I changed the fish a little and I tweaked it here and there a little bit. I'm still not happy with the fish, but since I received so many emails about it, I decided to publish the directions. I would suggest knitting this up in a medium solid color, not too light and not too dark so the fish don't get lost. There is a lot of counting in this one, but I tried really hard to be accurate. Please, if you find any mistakes, let me know so I can fix it! Also, this does make a little larger bib, so you might want to drop down a needle size from what you usually use and a tighter gauge will help the design pop out. I hope.

Copyright 2008 by Elaine Fitzpatrick. Permission is granted to reproduce this pattern in any medium, as long as it is distributed for free and this copyright notice remains intact. Permission is also granted to produce items from this pattern for sale.
Materials: One skein of worsted weight cotton such as Sugar and Cream or Peaches & Crème if you are using the bib for meals. If, on the other hand, you want to use it as a “drool” bib, I would recommend using a superwash wool. The cotton has a tendancy to absorb the moisture, whereas the superwash wool will wick the moisture and keep baby nice and dry!

Needles: Size 6
Gauge: 4.5 sts. per inch, not critical

When you reach the I-cords on the bib, it is helpful, but not necessary, to drop down a needle size to make the cords slightly smaller.

k = knit
p = purl
sts. = stitches
dec. = decrease
dpn. = double pointed needle
B5 = seed stitch border

Cast on 13 stitches.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Cast on 3 stitches, k 13. (16 sts.)
Row 3: Cast on 3 stitches; k 16. (19 sts.)
Row 4: Cast on 3 stitches; k 19; (22 sts.)
Row 5: Cast on 3 stitches; k 22. (25 sts.)
Row 6: Cast on 3 stitches; k 25. (28 sts.)
Row 7: Cast on 3 stitches; k 28. (31 sts.)
Row 8: Cast on 2 stitches; k5; p3; k3; p5; k3; p5; k3; p1; k5. (33 sts.)
Row 9: Cast on 2 stitches; k9; p1; k7; p1; k7; p1; k9. (35 sts.)
Row 10: Cast on 2 stitches; k5; p1; (k3, p5) 3 times end k7. (37 sts.)
Row 11: Cast on 2 stitches; k9; (p1; k3) 5 times; end p1; k9. (39 sts.)
Row 12: k4; p6; (k3; p5) 2 times; k1; p1 k1; p6; k4.
Row 13: k11; p1; k7; p1; k7; p1; k11.
Row 14: k3; p3; (k3, p5) 3 times; k3; p3; k3.
Row 15: k5; (p1; k3) 7 times; end p1; k5.
Row 16: k3; p1; k1; p5; (k1, p1, k1; p5) 3 times; k1; p1; k3.
Row 17: k3; (p1, k7) 4 times; end p1; k3.
Row 18: k3; p3; k1; p25; k1; p3; k3.
Row 19: k5; p1; k27; p1; k5.
Row 20: k3; p1; k1; p29; k1; p1; k3.
Row 21: k3; p1; k24; p1; k6; p1; k3.
Row 22: k3; p3; k1; p3; k2; p2; k2; p16; k1; p3; k3.
Row 23: k5; p1; k16; p2; k2; p3; k4; p1; k5.
Row 24: k3; p1; k1; p5; k8; p16; k1; p1; k3.
Row 25: k3; p1; k16; p8; k7; p1; k3.
Row 26: k3; p3; k1; p5; k8; p12; k1; p3; k3.
Row 27: k5; p1; k13; p9; k5; p1; k5.
Row 28: k3; p1; k1; p5; k9; p15; k1; p1; k3.
Row 29: k3; p1; k14; p1; k2; p4; k1; p3; k6; p1; k3.
Row 30: k3; p3; k1; p3; k2; p2; k3; p15; k1; p3; k3.
Row 31: k5; p1; k12; p1; k4; p3; k2; p1; k4; p1; k5.
Row 32: k3; p1; k1; p29; k1; p1; k3.
Row 33: k3; (p1, k15) x2; p1; k3.
Row 34: k3; p3; k1; p16; k2; (p3, k1) x2; p3; k3.
Row 35: k5; p1; k4; p2; k3; p2; k16; p1; k5.
Row 36: k3; p1; k1; p16; k8; p5; k1; p1; k3.
Row 37: k3; p1; k6; p9; k16; p1; k3.
Row 38: k3; p3; k1; p12; k9; p4; k1; p3; k3.
Row 39: k5; p1; k6; p8; k1; p1; k11; p1; k5.
Row 40: k3; p1; k1; p15; k8; p6; k1; p1; k3.
Row 41: k3; p1; k6; p3; k1; p4; k3; p1; k13; p1; k3.
Row 42: k3; p3; k1; p15; k3; p2; k2; p3; k1; p3; k3.
Row 43:  k5; p1; k14; p1; k12; p1; k5.
Row 44: k3; p1; k1; p29; k1; p1; k3.
Row 45: k3; p1; k23; p1; k7; p1; k3.
Row 46: k3; p3; k1; p4; k2; p2; k2; p15; k1; p3; k3.
Row 47: k5; p1; k15; p2; k2; p3; k5; p1; k5.
Row 48: k3; p1; k1; p6; k8; p15; k1; p1; k3.
Row 49: k3; p1; k15; p8; k8; p1; k3
Row 50: k3; p3; k1; p6; k8; p11; k1; p3; k3.
Row 51: k5; p1; k10; p1; k1; p9; k6; p1; k5.
Row 52: k3; p1; k1; p6; k9; p14; k1; p1; k3.
Row 53: k3; p1; k12; p1; k3; p4; k1; p3; k7; p1; k3.
Row 54: k3; p3; k1; p4; k2; p2; k3; p14; k1; p3; k3.
Row 55: k5; p1; k11; p1; k4; p3; k2; (p1, k5) x2.
Row 56: k3; p1; k1; p29; k1; p1; k3.
Row 57: k3; p1; k31; p1; k3.
Row 58: k3; p3; k3; (p5, k3) 3 times end p3; k3.
Row 59:  k5; (p1, k3) x7; p1; k5.
Row 60: k3; p1; k1; p5; (k1, p1, k1, p5) 3 times; end k1; p1; k3.
Row 61: k3; (p1, k7) 4 times; end p1; k3.
Row 62:  k3; p3; (k3, p5) x3; k3; p3; k3.
Row 63:  k5; (p1, k3) x7; p1; k5.
Row 64:  k3; p1; k1; p5; (k1, p1, k1, p5) x3; k1; p1; k3.
Row 65: k3; (p1, k7) 4 times; end p1; k3.
Row 66: Knit.
Row 67: Knit.
Row 68: Knit.

Shoulder shaping:

Knit 13 sts.; bind off next 13 sts. knitwise; knit remaining 13 sts. You should have 13 sts. on each side. Place first 13 stitches on a holder and work on remaining 13 sts. in garter stitch as follows:
Knit one row even.
(Right side) Dec. 1 st. at neck edge every other row 2 times. (11 sts.)
Work one row even.
Dec. 1 st. at shoulder edge every other row until 5 sts. remain.
Knit one row even.
(Right side) Dec. 1 st. at neck edge and 1 st. at shoulder edge. 3 sts.
Knit one row even.
Slip these 3 sts. to a dpn and work an I-cord for approximately 12 inches. Fasten off and run end down through middle of I-cord.
Join yarn to neck edge and work remaining side to correspond to other side.


susanmark said...

I LOVE this pattern. I am doing the dinosaur (two at once) right now and this one in Bright Orange will be my next one. Then The Penguin for my ds who loves penguins and IF he ever has any kids, the bibs will be ready and waiting.

LOVE ALL your Patterns.


Unknown said...

I am almost done with the fishy bib. What a fun pattern! I'm totally loving it! Thank you for offering this to us.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I love the fish and made it 3 times now. Here are some changes/corrections.

Row 59: k5; (p1, k3) 7 times; end p1; k5.
Row 62: k3; p3; (k3; p5) 3 times k3; p3; end k3.
Row 64: k3; p1; (k1, p1, k1, p5) times 4; end k1; p1; k3.

barbiegil said...

Your patterns are so much fun to make, and give as gifts...I think I must smile the whole time I an knitting!! I look forward to watching the sweet design appear!!