Updated patterns!

I'm in the process of updating my old patterns, particularly the bibs, to include charts. I'm rewriting some of the directions to make the patterns even easier and including alternative methods for beginning the bibs and for making the ties. Look for these patterns in the sidebar to see which ones have been added. It's a slow process, but eventually, they'll all be there!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Summer Treat

Hey, remember me?  I'm sorry I've been absent for so long.  I was contemplating discontinuing the blog permanently, but I've had a change of heart and so here I am!  My hope is that there are still a few followers around!  In an attempt to get back in every one's good graces, I'm posting a new pattern that I designed with my husband in mind.  There are very few people who love ice cream more than he does!  It stems, I believe, from when he was growing up and his family owned a milk exchange. They would buy milk from the local farmers and then they'd bottle it and deliver it.  In the summer, they'd operate an ice cream stand.  All of the ice cream was made by his family and drew crowds from all around. To this day, people who grew up enjoying their products, still talk about the ice cream.  My husband's favorite flavor was wintergreen and I guess it was popular with everyone else too. If I had a nickel for every time someone said that they loved that wintergreen, I'd be rich!

In any event, I hope you'll enjoy this simple cloth and will knit one or two up in your favorite flavors!
My granddaughter, Ruthie, loves strawberry ice cream.
The pdf files for the patterns are in the sidebar or you can just click here for the cloth and here for the bib.

My favorite?  Well, I love brownies.  Given a choice between a brownie and ice cream, I'll take the brownie every time!

 Have a happy and safe summer!

Monday, March 9, 2015


I was adding a couple of updated bib patterns to the pdf files this morning and apparently, I managed to delete all the old bib patterns that I hadn't got around to updating! What a way to start a Monday morning. In any event, it's going to take me quite awhile to figure out which ones are missing and to restore them, so please be patient. Believe me, no one feels worse about this than I do!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Itty Bitty Bears

As most of you know, I've been knitting hats for my local hospital for quite some time, so I'm always on the lookout for a new pattern to add to the ones I already use.  I happened across this adorable little bear cub hat on Ravelry and immediately sat down and knit one.
Carolyn, who goes by Carolyni on Ravelry, is the designer.  She hasn't written the pattern up as a separate design, but has shared all the instructions on her project page.  Not only that, but she graciously wrote them in two different sizes!  Her pattern uses sport weight yarn and U.S. 3 and 4 needles.  The hat that I made used worsted weight yarn with U.S. 6 needles.  My cast on was for 64 stitches.

Here's a picture of Carolyn's hats, which she gave me permission to share with you:
Aren't they the cutest things?

Now, I realize that there are plenty of hats with bear ears out there. Goodness knows that I've even knit one or two of them myself, however, I love the unique way that Carolyn knit the ears so they match the rolled brim.
Carolyn says: "I picked up my stitches counterclockwise, which I find most comfortable, so I knit the ears ‘inside out’ which was more to my liking as I wanted the outside of the ear to be in reverse SS and I don’t particularly like to purl in the round on dpns."

I had never tried this before, but it works great and is very easy to do. I magic looped the ears on my hat.

I've been trying to convince her to publish the pattern to make it available to more knitters and I think she is thinking about it!  Her solution was for me to post it here and to share it with all of you.  I've done my part, now we just have to work on her!  I hope if you like it, you'll drop Carolyn a note and let her know.  Carolyn is a new grandma to two adorable twin boys.  Be sure to check out their picture on her project page.  Hopefully, they'll serve as an inspiration to her to create more fun patterns for all of us!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blast from the Past

I received a nice note from a gal on Ravelry who asked me if I would make my Slipped Rib pattern available. I had to go to the link she provided so I could see what pattern she was talking about! I didn't even remember it, although I did do a post about it here.. This was a tribute book of patterns to Peaches & Creme and I contributed two patterns. The pattern for the slipped rib includes both the bib and the cloth. I didn't do two separate patterns. In any event, since it's been quite awhile that the booklet was published, the rights have reverted back to me.  I'm more than happy to share the pattern with all of you. It's a good design to use for all those variegated yarns, but it also looks nice in a solid color.

I uploaded the link to the pattern in the sidebar for updated bib and cloth patterns or you can just click here.

I hope you enjoy knitting it!

Saturday, February 7, 2015


I know it's been awhile since I've posted and I'm sorry, so I'll try to make up for it with some valentines for you! There's been a great baby boom at our local hospital and I've been trying to keep up with the demand.  As you know, I knit hats for all the newborn babies and I thought you'd like to see what I came up with for February.

I saw this adorable free pattern for a pillowcase on Ravelry and thought it would make a cute hat. The hat has a cast on of 60 stitches.  I knit 9 rows for the brim, then one row through the back loops to hold the brim in place, then I knit about 6 plain rows before I started the pattern. When the hat measured about six inches, I began the decreases of k4, k2tog,; knit one row; k3, k2tog., knit one row, etc.  I finished it off with a top knot.

This next hat I made from another free pattern on Ravelry that was a cowl.  I know it doesn't look the same as the original pattern, but only because I didn't want long floats so I added some blank spaces to break it up. After I knit the white hat, I decided to also just do one stitch in between the big hearts as they look like little hearts.
This next hat may be my favorite, but only because I was inspired and designed it myself!
I think this would look great done in blues and whites, or pinks and whites, for a winter hat, or the set would be fun to knit for twins, don't you think?  In any event, I've written up the pattern for you and you can download it from the sidebar or by clicking here.  I hope you'll like it.  The hat is sized for a newborn, but you could make it larger by adding increments of eight stitches.  Of course, if you make it wider, you'll also have to make it longer! 

I have one other hat that I'll post later.  I decided that I'd like to write that one up as well.  It's going to be another long, cold, snowy weekend here in New England, so it will give me something to do! 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PeeWee Football Hat

I had a request from Joan on Ravelry to post my pattern for the little football hat. This is the one that I designed for the newborn babies at my local hospital. It's one of my favorite patterns and it seems to be a big hit with the parents. Also, I think it's one of the very few things I've knit that my husband has ever commented on. I think that's because I'm always knitting and he just stopped paying attention!
This is such a simple hat to knit. Even if you're not particularly comfortable with embroidery, you can still do it and have it come out great. I took lots of pictures to show you exactly how I make it. Remember that this hat is sized for a newborn. If you want to knit a larger version, you just have to increase your cast on by eight stitches. I use 64 stitches, so the next size would be 72, then 80 etc. Also keep in mind that if you do increase it, you'll need to lengthen it as well.

To begin, you'll need about 80 yards or 50 grams of a worsted weight yarn in brown. I use Plymouth Yarn's Jeannee. It's a cotton/acrylic blend that can be tossed in both the washer and dryer. It barely shrinks and it comes out even softer. You'll also need a small amount of white yarn for the stripes and the embroidery.

The gauge is 4.5 stitches to the inch and I use a U.S. Size 6 (4.00 mm) needle. You can use a 16" circular to begin, but then you'll have to switch to either a 32" circular for magic loop, or double pointed needles, to work the top of the hat.

Because the cast on can be a bit of a stretch around the circular needle to begin with, I like to knit the first row and then join it in the round. It's easy to sew up that one little stitch when you weave in the yarn tail.

Cast on 64 stitches, join in the round, place a marker for the beginning of the round, and knit 9 rounds. On round 10, knit into the back loop of each stitch. This helps to keep the brim in place and to keep it from rolling up. Knit another 3 rounds, but don't cut your yarn.

Knit 2 rounds in white.  Use a jogless join. (There are lots of videos on the web that show how to do this, if you don't know how.)  Cut yarn.

Knit 13 rounds in brown, don't cut yarn, just carry it up the inside.
Knit 2 rounds in white, cut yarn.
Knit 4 rounds in brown.

At this point count over 32 stitches and place a removable marker or a safety pin to mark the center of the hat.

Decrease for top.

Round 1: (Knit 6 sts., knit 2 together), repeat around to end.
Round 2 and all even numbered rounds:  knit.
Round 3: (knit 5 sts., knit 2 together), repeat around to end.
Round 5: (knit 5 sts., knit 2 together), repeat around to end.
Round 7: (knit 5 sts., knit 2 together), repeat around to end.
Round 9: (knit 4 sts., knit 2 together), repeat around to end.
Round 11: (knit 3 sts., knit 2 together), repeat around to end.
Round 13: (knit 2 sts., knit 2 together), repeat around to end.
Round 15: (knit 1 sts., knit 2 together), repeat around to end.
Round 17: (knit 2 together), repeat around to end.
Round 19: (knit 2 together), repeat around to end.

Cut yarn and run through remaining stitches and fasten off.  Tug on the top of the hat to shape it into a point.

At this point, carefully weave in all your loose ends, as it will make the embroidery much easier.

Embroidering the laces:

Cut a fairly long length of white yarn and attach it to the center of the hat and at the top of the first white stripe.
If you turn your hat over so the right side is facing you, you'll be able to see the "bars" between the center stitches. I put a needle under them just so you can see what I'm talking about.  It's these bars that we'll use to count when we do the embroidery.
Thread the white yarn with a tapestry needle.  If you don't have a tapestry needle, you can use a sharp one, but you'll want to do the embroidery with the blunt end!  Count two bars up from the white stripe to begin and bring your yarn up through the center and underneath two bars.
Loop your yarn under the needle.  Notice that you go back down into the same hole.  Gently pull your yarn to form the first loop. This is a basic "lazy daisy" stitch.
Now repeat the process for four more loops.  Each time, you want to move forward and pick up two bars.  You'll have a total of five loops.  At the end of the last loop, bring your needle down by moving forward by one bar.
To make the little cross bars, bring your needle up and over one stitch to the right and at the base of the top loop.
Bring it across the loops and go down one stitch to the left. Make sure you line this up so it's straight!
At this point, I like to take the yarn and tack it down inside and along the center line of loops. Then I weave down a bit until I come to the center of the line. Repeat the same bar.
And do the same for the third and final bar.
Weave the remaining end and Voila! One finished football hat!

I haven't posted the pattern on Ravelry and I'm debating whether or not I even want to put it up. There are so many patterns already for football hats. I wanted the rolled brim and, truthfully, I just didn't see one that was exactly what I wanted.

Just a reminder that this pattern and all my pictures are copyrighted.  I don't mind if you want to knit these for charity or for sale, as long as I've given credit.  You may not post the pattern on your own blog or other forms of media without my express permission.

I hope you enjoy making this for all the little gridiron fans! I turned off the comments on my blog as I was getting so much spam. If you need to contact me, you can always reach me on Ravelry!

Disclaimer:  The little pennants pictured in the first photo are in no way an indication of any personal team preference. Everyone who knows me, knows that I'm a die hard New England Patriots' fan. Go Pats!! ;o)

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Well, here it is, another birthday and time for a new pattern. I have to keep up my tradition of posting a new pattern every year on my birthday, now don't I? This pattern is in honor of my youngest grandson, Marty. He just loves baby chicks. Not the chickens they grow up to be, but the babies. He has his own little blog where he posts pictures of chicks and he has an imaginary pal, Cheepy. As part of his home schooling, he even writes stories about Cheepy's many adventures. With that in mind, I decided that Cheepy needed to be memorialized, if you will, in cloth.
Marty has decided that the Cheepy cloths are all his, so I had to use his favorite colors, yellow and orange, however, since he's long past the bib stage, I knit the bib in Apple Green.
I love the combination of colors. Very citrus like!
The pdf for the patterns are listed in the sidebar, or you can click here for the bib, or here for the cloth.

You might be interested to know that Cheepy has a grandmother named "Lain Cheepy". Whenever Cheepy goes to visit her, "she lets him play with her computer and he can eat anything that he wants!". I should add a disclaimer here that any similarities between Marty and his own grandmother are purely coincidental.