Updated patterns!

I'm in the process of updating my old patterns, particularly the bibs, to include charts. I'm rewriting some of the directions to make the patterns even easier and including alternative methods for beginning the bibs and for making the ties. Look for these patterns in the sidebar to see which ones have been added. It's a slow process, but eventually, they'll all be there!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Okay, I'll do a blog!

Okay, okay, I’ll do a blog!! I’ve been resisting creating a blog for sometime now. I couldn’t see any reason to start one, then I met this terrific lady on Ravelry (Hi Kathy!) who just kind of gave me that little bit of confidence I needed. She convinced me that this was a good way to keep a record of my knitting. (Of course, there have been some things lately that I wouldn’t want to keep track of. In fact, I’d like to forget them entirely.) I have come up with some baby bibs that seem to be popular, so this will be a good way to share them with other knitters. After all the great patterns I’ve downloaded, this is such a small way to give back, and, heck, who doesn’t love a free pattern?


Alli's Little World of Knitting! said...

Hi Elaine!

I'm happy to see you've joined us in blogland!! You're off an running! hehehe You made me laugh too! Love the bibs! You're an angel!


Kathy... said...

How terrific that you FINALLY have a blog! You will eventually come to enjoy it, and all the new friends that will come your way! And we will all benefit from the generous sharing of your patterns. Win-Win!!

(My cheeks are blushing, btw.)

shirleyknits said...

Your blog looks good! Way to go!

Ann :D

NECRAT said...

I don't know about the "two terrific sons" you mention. I know one is terrific, I think I'd consider myself more along the lines of magificant, powerful, and one "helluva guy". Hee hee.

--Mike Jr.
(Her first born son)
Providence, RI.