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I'm in the process of updating my old patterns, particularly the bibs, to include charts. I'm rewriting some of the directions to make the patterns even easier and including alternative methods for beginning the bibs and for making the ties. Look for these patterns in the sidebar to see which ones have been added. It's a slow process, but eventually, they'll all be there!

Monday, March 21, 2011


I’m still smarting from a recent comment left for one of my older patterns.  Apparently, this person, who I assume is a female, but I’m not sure, since he/she didn’t have the courtesy to leave his/her name, took issue that this particular pattern had a mistake.  So let me just make a few points directly to you:
1.      I’m a human, not a machine.  I don’t have a staff of knitters just a few good friends who help me out when they can.
2.     At the beginning of this blog, I explain this in my “Disclaimer”, which also clearly has my email address, should you have a problem.
3.     If there’s an error in a pattern, I always try to address it and post the correction. ( In this case, that’s exactly what happened.)
4.     If you were experiencing a problem, you should have just contacted me, instead of “wasting your time”.  I try to answer all questions promptly and nicely.
5.     At last count, 87 people on Ravelry alone have knit this bib and have not had a problem.
6.     I don’t have to share any patterns.  I do it for the few people who enjoy them and tell me.
7.     The patterns are free.
8.     If you are so unhappy, please go for your patterns elsewhere.  Seriously.


Nancy said...

Well said!

I appreciate your adorable patterns. Thank you for sharing them.

andrea said...

You tell him/her. You are so generous with giving your patterns to fellow knitters free. There are so many of us out here that appreciate all you do. so sorry there always has to be one bad apple in the basket. Thank you from the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Your patterns are beautiful and your generosity is greatly appreciated by so many people. Isn't it amazing how one nasty person can really put a knife in it and first cause pain and then fury! lol Your post was GREAT - very to the point ;) Thank you again for sharing your talent and your gorgeous patterns.

andrea said...

I truly don't understand people anymore. If I find a mistake I fix it and I have never found any in yours. I love your patterns. i have now used 2 to make into baby blankets and they look amazing. Please don't stop sharing your amazing God given gift with us. I get excited to see all of your new patterns.
thank you so very much
andrea from Canada

Ariel said...

YES!!! I agree with everything everyone else has said!

Thank you for your generosity!!

Kathy... said...

Isn't it just sad to think there are people like there out there. Really REALLY sad! "Don't give them any never you mind" to quote my grandma whenever anyone picked on me - about anything when I was a kid. Glasses at age 5 was a big one, as I remember. So...you just don't give them any never you mind. She probably just said it so I would try to figure out exactly what she was trying to say....and take my mind off whatever had happened. Grandma's are devious like that. :)
Take care - K.

Lois said...

I adore your patterns. They are the best and I do so appreciate the time and effort you put into posting them. Anyone who doesn't have the courtesy to understand how this community of knitters works doesn't deserve the fruits of your labor. Please know how wonderful the rest of us think you are.

Aussie Maria said...

Some people have nothing better to do - ignore it.
I love your patterns and am so grateful that you share them with us - thank you

Unknown said...

I have made quite a few of your patterns. I truly appreciate your talent and generosity. Ignore the ungrateful.

Jan E said...

Even though you know there are lots of us who adore your work, it's hurtful when one nincompoop mouths off. My saying for times like these is "Consider the source and divide by zero." That's what s(he) is: a great big ZERO.

You, however, rock! Thanks for sharing. I've learned a lot from your patterns and continue to be a big fan.

Fru Keilegavlen said...

Well said! Thank you for your generosity!

Merbie said...

I love all your patterns!

Man, unless I'm paying for a pattern (and even then only if it has egregious errors), the only thing I would ever do if I found an error would be to alert the author (and even then assume the error is most likely my own).

I don't know which pattern you're talking about, but I've knit many of your bibs and haven't had a single problem!

MareKnits said...

I agree with everything said. I love your patterns and appreciate your generousity.

Beatrice said...

Good for you!!!!! I love your free patterns and appreciate that you post them here for us;).


Unknown said...

Honestly, people are so rude and what really gets me is that you share these for free. Thank you for your generosity!

Unknown said...

I for one think your patterns are the best ones out there. I have enjoyed making them, and giving them as gifts. For you to share them for free is very generous. And I for one am very grateful. I really enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing!
Neva Alf
Ravelry: needlemyknittin

Linda J said...

Your patterns are great - and much appreciated. Hope you can ignore the nasty people in this world. There are lots of us who think you and your patterns are great!

Experimental Knitter said...

Aw, please don't let one crank ruin your day!
We love, LOVE your patterns!!!!!
Did I mention we love your patterns?

Sandy Perez said...

I have knit many of your patterns both as washcloths, and the KAL's you so generously sponsor. Never encountered a error in your work.

And my whole family thanks you for the polar bear KAL. Nobody won the guess contest, despite such guesses as treehouse and angelfish!

Unknown said...

How awful for you! Unfortunately, that seems to be the way people are these days ... I just returned from the UK and in a coffee shop one morning, I was verbally assaulted by an older well dressed gentleman just by the way I spoke (I'm Canadian). He was horrible and I WILL not repeat what he said ... luckily I had the presence of mind to give him a piece of it and defended both us Canadians and Americans ... a little reminder of a few world wars seemed to do the trick!

Anyway ... I LOVE your patterns and have never thanked you for them ... I have now reached the age where everyone is having grandchildren and your patterns are perfect for that reason.

I hope this experience will not dampen your spirit from providing us with new and cute patterns ... although if you decide not to ... I believe we will all understand!

All the best to you .... and THANK you once again!!


anncrafts said...

I love your patterns! I've made several and the one time that I had a minor problem you were so very gracious in helping me. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with rude people with no manners. Just know that many many people appreciate you and enjoy knitting your patterns.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your patterns and have loved every one that I've knit!!! Thank you for offering them to us!