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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just For Me!!

If you've read this blog for awhile, you know that I have a good friend, Kathy, who lives in Iowa.  Kathy is actually the one responsible for this blog.  If it wasn't for her, I never would have started it.  We met on Ravelry about three years ago.  She had knit the penguin bib and we started chatting about her impending "grandmotherhood".  I had just become a grandma for the third time and six months later, Kathy's first grandson was born.  We struck up a friendship and have been writing back and forth ever since.  She's just a phenomenal knitter and spinner, as well as a nice person.

Well, the other day, I received this package in the mail and I couldn't believe what was inside.  This beautiful little project bag that she had made just for me!
Isn't it adorable? 
My pictures don't do it justice, but take a look at Kathy's blog post here.  She has lots of great pictures and her own story! 

When I opened up the bag, inside was yet another treasure!  A skein of the most gorgeous green yarn that she had spun herself!  Just for me!!!  I literally burst into tears.  Outside of my family, I think it's the most special gift I've ever received.
I just couldn't believe that she actually spent all that time creating such a special gift.  (Oh, did I mention that I LOVE the color green?).  This yarn is so soft.  I'd like to just hold it and admire it, but I've never knit with homespun before.  Now, I'll have to find just the right project to do it justice.  I'm leaning toward a hat, but I'm open to suggestions.  In any event, whatever it is, I do know that it will definitely be just for me!


Kathy... said...

Ahhhh..... you make me smile! :) But there is this mysterious lump in my throat right now. Hmmmmm Has it really been three years! WOW....where does time go??

Yep - it was all Just For You....and I'm so happy that you liked it! :)

Kathy... said...

As I look at the yarn photos on your blog, I must admit - Ginny did a pretty good job of matching the colors to those of your blog background, didn't she? Pretty amazing! Which I could dye fiber.... oh no! Nothing more....NO! No! lol

Vicki Suan said...

oh, what a truly wonderful friend! An YOU so deserve everything she sent. Gorgeous yarn. How about a cowl?

oylenshpeegul said...

That yarn looks perfect for a hat! I love my handspun hats!

Aussie Maria said...

What a wonderful thought and gift