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I'm in the process of updating my old patterns, particularly the bibs, to include charts. I'm rewriting some of the directions to make the patterns even easier and including alternative methods for beginning the bibs and for making the ties. Look for these patterns in the sidebar to see which ones have been added. It's a slow process, but eventually, they'll all be there!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An earthquake?

No, that rumbling the in the northeast was not an earthquake.  It was just my husband and me jumping up and down for joy!  We found out that we're going to be grandparents again!  You might remember that my daughter-in-law was diagnosed with cancer last year.  What you don't know is that it was discovered after she lost a baby.  I'm happy to report that she is now cancer free and the doctors gave her the go ahead to try again.  So far, everything seems to be going along well and I couldn't be happier.  Of course, I have to confess that I am keeping my fingers crossed.  That makes it a little difficult to knit, but I did manage to uncross them long enough to knit some adorable little booties.
This is a free pattern that's been around for awhile.  The booties are called "Christine's Baby Booties" and you can find the pdf file here.  The pattern leaves a little to be desired in terms of detailed instructions, but it is easy to knit.  I used Knit Picks Felici in the Rainbow colorway and size 2.5mm needles.

I thought about making them match, but then again, we're not big on coordinating clothing in this family among the younger set.   It's not unusual for my grandsons to turn up with each of them wearing a different colored Croc on each of their feet.  This baby might as well get used to that right from the start.

I did modify the pattern a little since my grandbabies are notorious for having big feet.  I cast on 12 stitches. and knit 20 ridges, then I just did extra decreases until I got back down to the original 40 stitches called for in the pattern.  Since this little one is due to make an appearance in late January, I knit extra rounds at the top so they could be pulled up to the knees in the cold weather.  The ties are I-cords that I knit with 4 stitches. and are about 20 inches long.

In other news, Sarah Franklin  asked to interview me for her blog.  I think she's going to post it today or tomorrow.  If you're interested you can check it out.  Also, I'm currently sponsoring another KAL for the Monthly Dishcloth Group on Yahoo, so I'll have a brand new pattern to post when that ends on Sunday.  Hmmm, I wonder if this baby will wear a bib?  Is so, I have enough for a lifetime!


Deb said...

Congratulations to all! What great booties. Thanks for sharing!

sylie said...

very nice

mycreativespirit said...

Congratulations!! We're going to be grandparents again in February! Time to get busy knitting some more of your gorgeous bibs!!

Laura said...

Congratulations! My fingers are crossed also. What happy news.


I am having problems following the Toe shaping directions. Have ripped
it out several times. Could you ex-
plain it a little more in detail.
Thanks, Toni

Unknown said...

Sure wish that this link to the free pattern wasn't broken. Can it be fixed? They look really cute and I would love to make them also.

Kris Rockel said...

Sure wish that this link to the free pattern wasn't broken. Can it be fixed? They look really cute and I would love to make them also.

Beverly Suddard said...

Link to pdf doesn't work! 😕


Hi, Same, Link to pdf doesn't work :(