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Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Star of the Blog"

My little niece, Eliza, who has made an appearance on my blog before, recently came for an unexpected visit. This is always a treat, but especially since I had just finished making her another Calorimetry since she liked the last one so much. I hadn't really intended to make it, but I was in Webs picking up some wool to make pants for my grandson when I had this little "accident". If you've ever been in the warehouse, you know that the yarn is just stacked on all these metal shelves and they are pretty close together. I was looking at some yarn when I accidently bumped the shelf behind me and this one pretty skein of Araucania Nature Wool Multy just happened to fall from above and land squarely in my basket! It was all of Eliza's favorite colors, so I decided it must have happened for a reason.

I made the same flowers as before. I'm a little disappointed that the colors don't show up as well in these pictures as they do in real life. The light was dwindling and we had to hurry to have our little impromptu fashion shoot!

Eliza wanted to know if she was the "star" of my blog! I told her "most definitely!" It's so rare that I get to have anything modeled! Check out those dimples!
I also got to give her the kitten mittens that I posted about earlier. Needless to say, those were a big hit. I think she might be a veterinarian when she grows up, so she loves anything with animals.
They fit her "purrfectly"! (Sorry I couldn't resist!)
Thanks for the visit Eliza. You can be the star of my blog anytime you want!


susanmark said...

HI Elaine,

Your niece, Emily, is gorgeous. I love the dimples and brown eyes,too.

Hope you're having a good day and Have a Happy Holiday Season.


Tia said...

O wow what great knitting !

Deb said...

Wow! What a difference yarn & a cute model make. You know, I had seen the
Calorimetry before & I wasn't inspired to make one, but now that I've seen yours...it's on my "to-do-list". Very nice! The flowers are the perfect finishing touch.

I mustn't let my daughter see those kitten mitten or they'll be on her to-do-list for me, too.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little niece you have. Love the kitten mittens!

Kathy... said...

Yes, she is a little star!! Great projects too!

Dotty said...

I love love those kitty mittens! Must make a pair for myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. Your latest creation is so cute.