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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Sampler of Socks

If you don't like knitting socks, then you're not going to like this post.  As I've mentioned numerous times before, I'm a huge fan of Jenny Porter and her amazing dyed yarns.  What's even better is that Jenny and I have developed a friendship.  I'm sure the fact that I have a bin full of her yarns has nothing to do with it. (Well, maybe a little.)  In any event, Jenny is going to have a booth at the upcoming Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival which is going to be held on May 3 & 4.  Jenny was looking for someone to help her out with a few samples for her booth and I volunteered.  At first, I suggested sock samples that would also fit her granddaughter, but Jenny decided that she wanted to keep the samples just for the booth.  This made sense, so we decided, in that case, that she'd only need one sock to showcase a particular yarn.  One sock in a kid's size?  How great is that!  I also decided to use free sock patterns.

Sock #1:  Balin, 75% corriedale/ 25% nylon; Pattern:  Blueberry Waffles by Sandy Turner
Sock #2:  The Blues, 100% merino; Pattern:  Basic Cabled Socks by Brainylady
Sock #3:  Fruit Punch, 75% merino/ 25% nylon; Pattern:  Honey Badger by Irishgirlieknits
Sock #4:  Donkey Kong, 75% BFL/ 25% nylon; Pattern:  Jack Thermal by Sharon Bird
Sock #5:  Geode, 50% merino/ 50% silk; Pattern:  Farfalle Socks by Orinda5
Sock #6:  Timberline, 80% BFL/20% nylon; Pattern:  Colonel Mustard Socks by Erin L. Black
Sock #7:  Orange You Sweet, 75% BFL/25% nylon; Pattern:  Bowties are Cool by Mandie Harrington
Sock #8:  Cancun, 80% merino/ 10% nylon, 10% cashmere; Pattern:  Lacy Mock Cable Socks by Scarlettknits
Sock #9:  Fairy Dust, 80% merino/ 10% nylon; Pattern:  Swirling Confetti Socks by Jean Gifford
Sock #10:  Cray Cray, 75% merino/ 20% nylon/ 5% stellina; Pattern:  Socks for Mary Janes by Staci Perry
Sock #11:  Galaxy, 80% BFL/20% nylon; Pattern:  Thuja by Bobbie Ziegler
Sock #12:  Gettysburg Remembrance; 75% BFL / 25% nylon; Pattern:  Boxcar Willie Socks by Anne Podlesak
For all of the socks, I used a cast on of 48 stitches and I did a round toe.  They were so much fun to knit and it gave me a chance to try out some patterns that I wanted to knit.  As you can see, they're all easy patterns, but the goal was to showcase the yarns.

Jenny has an Etsy shop here, so you can check out her yarns for yourself.  She also has a group on Ravelry. We're going to do a shawl KAL beginning at the first of July, so you should definitely come and join in the fun!  If you're lucky enough to get to the Wool Festival, be sure to stop by her booth and say hello to my pet samples.  Tell Jenny I sent you!!


Deb said...

Wow! This makes me want to take up sock knitting again.

Thanks for the links. I saved them to my Raverly Library.

I made those Blueberry Waffle socks. A fun knit.

Kathy... said...

LOL! I did the same thing, but for Cris, of IntoTheWhirled. Well, guess a tad different, as she opted for plain jane socks....and a complete pair of each colorway. I made them her size, so eventually she'll be able to wear them. 8 pairs! I'm done with socks for just a while! :) k