Updated patterns!

I'm in the process of updating my old patterns, particularly the bibs, to include charts. I'm rewriting some of the directions to make the patterns even easier and including alternative methods for beginning the bibs and for making the ties. Look for these patterns in the sidebar to see which ones have been added. It's a slow process, but eventually, they'll all be there!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Take a Gander

I certainly have taken my sweet time posting this pattern!  I'm not sure exactly why it's taken me so long, but I finally made myself just sit down and do it!!  This is another of the "new" squares that I designed for Ruthie's Farm blanket .  I think the only two I haven't posted yet are the cat and the dog.  In any event, I was happy to knit something out of a bright color.  What a long, miserable, snowy winter we've been having here in New England.

The bib is knitted out of Peaches & Creme in Peacock.
For the cloth, I used the same yarn only in Gold.
The pdf files are listed in the sidebar, as usual, or you can click here for the bib and here for the cloth.


Jewells said...

THANK YOU for your wonderful patterns. I have knitted many of them and made a couple of blankets from them too. I post them on my blog and ALWAYS mention your blog with a connecting link to you.

Márcia Galti said...

seus babeiros são lindos, parabens!

me said...

Thank you for posting your patterns, they are super cute!! The yarn I wanted to use for a bib is intended for size 8 needles. If I drop down to size 7 do you think it will work or will the bib be too big?