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I'm in the process of updating my old patterns, particularly the bibs, to include charts. I'm rewriting some of the directions to make the patterns even easier and including alternative methods for beginning the bibs and for making the ties. Look for these patterns in the sidebar to see which ones have been added. It's a slow process, but eventually, they'll all be there!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Angry Mitts

My grandsons are just crazy about those Angry Birds.  They needed new mittens and the idea of these came to me as I was falling asleep one night!  I've been known to dream about some solution to a knitting dilemma more than once! (My husband even claims that I knit in my sleep!  This is partly true, but what he doesn't see is me ripping out everything that I knit while I was sleeping!)

These are really simple to make.  Use your favorite mitten pattern for worsted weight yarn.  I have an old pattern that was passed down to me by my grandmother, but this free pattern: Classic Mittens is almost identical to mine.
Jack seems to prefer the red bird and this was also the easiest to make.
Marty, our four year old,  loves the white bird.  He has one that he carries with him everywhere!  He named it "Whitey".  Pretty, original, eh?  Whitey has his own birthday, his favorite colors, his likes and dislikes. It's like another member of the family.
Mickey likes the blue bird. This one seems to be the least angry of the birds from what I can determine!
I surprised the boys with them yesterday and they were a huge hit!  I was half expecting a lecture from Marty about his white mitts as he's an absolute stickler for details, but even he loved them!

If you'd like to make a pair for your own bird lover, I've put the "recipe" in the sidebar under "Miscellaneous" patterns or you can just click here for the pdf file.  You knit your favorite mitten as you normally would until you reach about 1 1/2" from the top.  You break your main color of yarn and join the beak color, knit a couple of rows and decrease as you would for the top of a sock.  The embroidery is done before you close the mittens.  It's really basic.  Just remember that you want a left and a right mitten so be careful which side you're embroidering on!
Now, go slap a pig!


Kathy... said...

SOOOOO Cute!!! I'm off to find appropriate colors in my stash. In there are none - this warrants a trip to the LYS. Thanks so much for sharing. BG is going to LOVE these! :) k=

sylie said...

so cool

lg sylvia

Sara said...

My kids LOVE Angry Birds! I'm going to give these a try today! Thanks so much for the pattern, they are great!

Loes said...

Thank you so much for the idea and pattern. My grandson will be delighted.