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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Marty!

This past weekend, my little grandson, Martin, turned 3.  I'd love to show you a picture of how cute he is, but thanks to all the crazies in this world, we don't post pictures of the boys on the Internet.  I guess you'll just have to take my word when I tell you he's adorable.  Not that I'm biased in any way! (wink, wink)

For his birthday, I wanted to make him these cute mittens I found on Ravelry.  They're called "Nemo Mittens" (what else?).  Unfortunately, I can't find a link outside of Ravelry.  It is a free pattern though.
Marty likes fish so I thought he'd like these.  I'm not sure if he did, but I know that I loved them !
 I used Knitpicks Swish Dk.  I had a hard time finding the right shade of orange, so I'm happy I was able to find all three colors in this weight.
For a matching hat, I used Cabin Fever's Whale of a Tail
I've knit this hat before, so I knew it would fit him. The neat thing is, if he wears it one way, it looks like a whale's fluke, but if you turn it, it looks like a fish tail. 
Back when I was buying the Lorna's Laces Green Line for his brothers' hats, I also bought some green to make a hat and mitten set for him.  I'd been trying to decide what to make when I remembered that he likes pandas.
The hat is made exactly the same as the "Shaun the Sheep" hat from my earlier post, only I used smaller needles.
The mittens are just the basic mitten pattern that my grandma gave me years ago.  I found this link that is almost identical to the one I use "Classic Mittens".  I charted the design and then duplicate stitched the pandas.
I knew he liked this set as he immediately wanted to try it on.  They didn't stay on long though, as it turns out, you can't open presents very well with mittens on!
Next up, I have more owls to make.  Remember my last post?  Well, once the boys saw that one pair of owl mittens, they all wanted one of their own!  Marty also wanted to know if I had a pair of socks for him.  I'm hoping that will all his new mittens, he'll forget about his feet....for awhile anyway!


Leslie said...

These are so cute!

PurlingPenny said...

Aren't you my grandma? I'm sure that we are related! My birthday is coming up so don't forget. What sweet hats and mitts. I love them!

Aussie Maria said...

Both of them are so very cute and how sweet will your grandson look wearing them - I'm sure you would have to give him a kiss

oylenshpeegul said...

Wow, those are fantastic!

Kathy... said...

oh - both sets are just SOOOOO cute! My BG is all "into" Nemo right now. Hmmmm....I wonder if he would wear a pair of Nemo mittens?? He won't keep any others on his hands..... little stink!

So - Happy Birthday Martin. 3 yrs old....where do those years go...??

christine said...

Where can I find the patterns for the Panda items? My daughter (age 11) is a panda FREAK! She would love these!